Whirlwind . Arsen Gold & MAYA WOLFF . 6th January 2023 .

Arsen Gold & MAYA WOLFF 6TH JANUARY 2023 | Whirlwind

Following their EP 'Captured' in 2020, Arsen Gold and Maya Wolff are back with a new collaboration. 

'Whirlwind' will be bringing you New Year vibes with with this vocal trance number.
Arsen Gold has delivered an intricate trance production, layered with melodic breakdowns, filled perfectly with straight up and soothing vocals by Maya Wolff. 

The lyrics and production take you on a journey pondering the feelings and emotions of an old year ending and a new one beginning with all the unknown ahead.
The reflection of the water mirrors a path walked and yet to be explored.
It's about finding peace within ourselves, whatever whirlwind we may encounter in this new chapter of 2023

Whirlwind - highlights