OUT NOW | Captured EP | Maya Wolff & Arsen Gold

Captured is the debut release on Wolff Recordings.
This epic Vocal Trance EP is very authentically Arsen & Maya.
Together they have worked on their distinct sound of high notes, melodic progressive chords and a depth of bass you won't want to miss. 

Maya Wolff writes:

“Captured” is a three part story about redemption.

Captured into song are 3 life journey’s, written at a moment in time, at a point of progress of an important relationship, my own relationships with my musical journey and faith.

Since writing these stories into the lyrics of “Turn Around” “Through the Night “ and “Faith on the Dance Floor”, these songs have taken on different meanings. Yet, I can feel every inch of emotion I captured when I put pen to paper, hands on keys.

“Through The Night”, originally written about how I had to break free musically pursuing my own path rather than what other producers had in mind, has been with me literally through nights of struggling to breathe, fighting to get through every day.  Having been ill with Covid for over 5 months whilst trying to finish this EP, this track has become my fighting anthem to get back to health and refocus on what really matters in life.

I hope my fans and listeners will find some points of their life journeys captured in this EP and that it will take on their own meaning in some of the words, emotions and epic trance production by Arsen Gold. Creating this piece of art with Arsen Gold has been such joy to release something truly authentic.


"Captured" EP Success

On the second day of announcing the EP and it going live on Beatport, "Captured" has already charted at NO 12 in the Beatport Trance Releases Charts and climbed up to NO 7 spending a week in the Top 10. Thank you to everyone that has bought their copy! It has also had radio play already with more scheduled next week and has been featured in Spotify lists.

Shows that have played tracks from the EP:

BBC Introducing South
The Trance Train 008
Ryui Bossen - TAOTW Episode #056