In signing this contract you - the Remixer/Producer - agree to the following:

No files that will be sent by Maya Wolff, will be shared with anyone else and only be used by yourself for the sole purpose of music production unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Maya Wolff must hear and approve any production using her voice, words or melodies before any record labels, publishers or associated parties are sent or played the music. Maya reserves the right to use her own professional production team to assist in the vocal production and carry out the final mix, and if necessary mastering to ensure the required high standard is achieved

The intention of sharing the files is for the purpose of production with the potential to release or share the production with the public.

In case of the production/remixes being approved for release, the share release as well as publishing share will be 50/50 between the Remixer/Producer and Maya Wolff. 

However, if the production/remix is not approved of, it must not be used for any purpose or shown to the public, likewise, Maya Wolff will not use the Remixer’s/Producer’s production unless there is a mutual agreement.

Until a contract with a label is signed and a release date has been set, no snippets of productions shall be shared on social media unless discussed and agreed beforehand! 


Vocal Contract
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